9 Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Entertainment

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Rick Obey's Wedding DJs & Entertainment

Selecting your wedding entertainment can set the tone for your entire reception.  You want your guests to remember that they danced the night away!

Here are a few tips from the professional disc jockeys of Rick Obey's Entertainment to ensure you select the right entertainment for your big day:

  1. When interviewing a potential disc-jockey, ask lots of questions like: How do you decide what sorts of music to play?  (We use the two consultations and our detailed wedding questionnaire to cue us in to what the couple wants, plus we take requests from the guests, and read the crowd as to what they are responding to.  I think the best indication is to ask the disc-jockey to describe their own style.

  2. Don’t just book your disc jockey on line.  Take the opportunity to meet your disc-jockey for a complimentary consultation.  This ensures that "you're on the same page", and that this is someone you want to, and more importantly, will be able to work with.  How receptive is your potential disc jockey to requests and “don’t play” lists? 

  3. The cheapest and most expensive choices of entertainment will not guarantee that you'll get the best entertainment for you.  Price should obviously be a factor, but shouldn't be the only factor.  Is the disc jockey professional and experienced?  What kind of equipment and music format does he or she use?  Be sure to check references, and ask if they’re insured, and have a back up in the event of an accident or sickness.

  4. The top complaints we hear about people being dissatisfied with another service they heard is that the entertainer didn't play the songs requested, played songs that they were asked not to play, were late in showing up, were not playing to the crowd (i.e. playing inappropriate music for the age group at the event).  My top advice to our clients is to choose your  weddingvendors like your choosing your closest friends for the day.  You want people who support you and have personalities that you’re comfortable with and are listening to your vision and expectations. 

  5. Experience matters. What will your DJ do when the unexpected happens? If he has been there and done that, you won't even know that the something unexpected occurred as a seasoned DJ will smoothly transition over or fix the issue. 

  6. A great DJ will be able to take your playlist of 3 or 300 songs and turn that into the music that will rock your wedding. A DJ uses their eyes and ears to gauge what is making your guests feet tap. This will then become the direction that the music that you and or the DJ picked to pull the energy from the crown to its peak level. There is no magic potion to making people dance other than reading the audience’s reaction to each song.

  7. "It's your day" don't give into pressure of letting everyone else choose what they want. You can still accommodate family and get what you want. Choose music for yourselves, but be sure to mix in what your guests will also enjoy. The reception is for them as much as it is for you.  Also don't take the advice of someone who says "I know a guy who is a DJ and he can do it real cheap!"   Thoroughly check out your DJ, visit their website or again, arrange a consultation.

  8. A good DJ knows when to talk. A great DJ knows when to shut up and let the party happen. If your DJ does way more talking than listening during your initial consultation that's a problem. Find one who will listen to your needs, and they'll be more likely to do that on your wedding day.

  9. Perhaps most importantly, dance yourselves!   If the bride and groom are on the dance floor a lot, people will gravitate to them.  If the bride and groom aren't dancing a lot, people will be more likely to hold back. So dance as much as you can. You only get one shot to dance together at your wedding.  Make it count. Your guests will love it!

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