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In New England our seasons change, sometimes dramatically! With the whims of Mother Nature, the air and the environment can change from wet and humid to dry and freezing and some can occur in the same day! Our skin reacts to these changes and your skin care routine and products that work well in one season may not be right in another. It is also good for your skin to vary the products you use from time to time to avoid your skin no longer responding to the product's benefits.

In the summer we deal with a hot sun and wet, humid air. Using a thick, creamy moisturizer may be too heavy for the day during the summer and at night. Summer is the time to pick lighter moisturizers, a gel cleanser, and serums for your action products. The sun is brighter and hotter, products with peeling agents can be harmful in the hot sun. If you are using peeling agents in your products or in addition to your products, put them away during the summer, especially during June, July and August. Choose serums that work with your skin condition, as they are lighter and perfect for the summer months.

The winter air is drier and most indoor heating systems pull the moisture from the air and our skin can become dehydrated, even oily skin is not immune! Winter is the time to use creamier cleansers and thicker night time creamy moisturizers. When Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, you can use stronger treatment products with peeling agents. Late fall or winter is actually a perfect time to get a professional peel from a trained Aesthetician.

Ask your Aesthetician or skin professional what products work best with your skin during the wet, hot weather or dry, cold weather. Most skin product lines carry matching products that will work with your skin as the seasons' transition.

For more wedding skin care tips and suggestions, arrange a consultation with one of our skin care experts at MJD Electrolysis and Skin Care!

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