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There are usually two envelopes with an invitation ensemble, an "outer" or "mailing" envelope (which has a gummed or adhesive flap) and an "inner envelope". For addressing the "outer envelope", the recipient address is usually centered (or as well can be left justified or right justified) with the guest name and address on the front. Your return address would be printed on the back side flap at the top in the center. For any of these addresses for a formal invitation, never, ever use address labels.

The first line of the address is the title line where the guest name appears. Formal first names should always be used (i.e. Robert as opposed to Bob). A second title line may be used for another guest name if it will not fit on the first line, otherwise it contains the street address or post office box. The third line contains the city and state. The zip code can be included on this line or on a fourth line.

If an apartment or building number cannot fit on the street address line, an additional line can be added between the street address and city/state line for an apartment or building number which should be preceded by the words "Apartment", "Unit" or "Building". Abbreviations should be avoided as well as the "#". The words Post Office Box, Street, Avenue, Drive, etc. and East, West, North and South should all be spelled out as well as the name of the city and state. Single digit street numbers should be spelled out (i.e. One, Two, Three... etc.). Street Names that are numbers can be written two ways - 94 East 4th Street or 94 East Fourth Street. Unless your envelopes are unusually large, it is a good idea to not exceed 5 lines in your address. Finally, for foreign countries, we recommend a very legible font and the country name listed on the final line separately.

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Wedding Invitation Addressing Tips

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